Just a few of the features on Ixesha Lite.

Dead-simple time tracking

Our optimised timesheet screen makes time tracking a breeze. A monthly summary gives you an overview of times entered for each day in the month, making it easy to pick up where you left off, and even easier to spot your missing times.

Small businesses or freelancers could use just this basic time tracking functionality to generate invoices, or you can make use of some of the more advanced features.

Track Time Online

Clean, professional invoices

Easily generate highly flexible, professional invoices.

Do you bill on a time & material basis? Or are your projects fixed price? Maybe they're a combination of the two? We've got you covered.

Easily include times and expenses on an invoice, then optionally attach them as a schedule in the generated PDF document.

Invoice Generating Software

Avoid project overruns

Allocate budgets. Track time and expenses. Then keep a close eye on the budget vs actual figures for each project. Drill down to view expenditure by each team member within a project.

Tracking your spent, available and overrun figures has never been so easy.

Time Tracking Software

Plan your time effectively

Advanced users can ensure the efficient allocation of team resources with our easy and intuitive monthly time planner.

Team members can allocate time to billable and non-billable projects (such as leave, management, etc.). Easily view a team members projected (and actual) billable performance against monthly targets.

Time Planning Software

So. Much. More.

Set up project teams. Allocate time budgets to team members. Allocate budgets for expenditure types. Configure rates and discounts. Set team members' billing targets and hours worked per day / month.

A wide range of flexible reports are available for analysing performance by staff member, project, client or for the whole company.

Currency symbols and tax rates can be easily configured, so it can be set up to suit any country's specification.

Time Tracking Software

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